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The Restaurant

The restaurant Dorado was founded in 1960 in the family environment and soon after it was the current manager who took the reins of it, moved by his personal concerns and love for this profession, he began to create a gastronomical line, parallel to the one he already had, researching, reinventing and doing everyhting necessary in this respect. He started specializing entirely in the field of paella and rice dishes, this is when the line and the brand of the restaurant itself were created, currently known throughout the world as ARROCERIA DORADO (RICES DORADO), based in its essence on a simple and honest cooking.
It is also necessary to point out our fresh fish and seafood, daily exposed in its majestic showcase right in front of the aquarium where you can see alive lobsters, clams and oysters. On the other hand, we also have incredible meat and for many an unknown section of roasts, where you can find the following dishes: shoulder of lamb, shoulder of goat, roast suckling pig, rack of goat, which may be accompanied by the best wines, which are hard to find in other restaurants. We also have a diverse and big dessert menu, some of our desserts are homemade

founded in 1960

Specialists in rice dishes, paellas,
fish and seafood

The best
regional wines