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To take away

All the plates we have in the menu are also available to take away. We especially recommend our fantastic and perfect for any ocasion paellas and rice.

These are some examples of our plates, take into consideration that our menu consits of more than 100 plates, including salads, soups, pasta, snacks plates, meat and fish. Besides, there is a wide variety of desserts, the majority of which is homemade that we prepare ourselves.We also have a big variety of fresh fish and seafood of the day.

Our whole wine menu, which includes more than 1000 different options, some of them exclusive and only for sale at our restaurant, are also available to take away. We have normal wines and special wines for special occasions.


Paella special Dorado
Black rice
Paella Valencia
Rice with vegetables

Paella marinera
Paella perelada
Rice with romesco and monkfish
Paella Lobster

Arroz de payes
Paella Bogavante
Mixed Paella

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